Garage Remodeling

To some, a garage is seen as unused space that can be converted into the extra space needed for a growing family, or to provide a downstairs master bedroom or guest suite. Perhaps you would like a new garage to be built as an add-on to an existing structure – seamlessly integrating with the design and style of the existing home. Others may wish to convert an existing garage into a new home gym, home theater, or to serve as an in-law suite. Whatever your needs are, Champ Construction in Fresno has the knowledge, experience and expertise to provide the best possible solution for your enjoyment.

Single story garages provide a great way to add space. An apartment can be built above the existing structure, providing a home office, guest suite, or space for a growing family. We will also inspect the existing foundations, strengthening it to support the new construction, if required.

Protect Your Investment

A car or SUV is a much greater investment than it was years ago. Protecting your car from the elements helps its resale value. Sheltered parking is a cost effective solution. In addition, the increase in vehicular theft has skyrocketed in recent years. Most cars are targeted for their popularity and by vulnerability. Leaving your vehicle exposed while you sleep is not the safest choice. Even though you have insurance there is a deductible which you must pay. Insurance can’t replace what was left in the vehicle. Lock it inside for ultimate protection.

If you are looking to improve your existing garage for vehicle storage, there are several factors that may necessitate a garage alteration:

  • More vehicles per household – With older children remaining at home, and coming back home after college, more vehicles need space. Restrictions on overnight street parking have increased the need. People also have unique vehicles that they cherish and need to protect. These may include antique and classic cars, sports cars, ATV’s and golf carts.
  • Larger vehicles – older garages were not built to comfortably house large SUV’s or trucks. In addition, more people are self employed today, which has increased the number of commercial vehicles that must be housed.
  • Conversions – The demand for more living space has led to conversions of attached garages. Detached structures are being constructed to replace them.
  • Carport Conversion – Many homes in the area were designed with carports that offer no protection. The slab of a carport can be converted into the floor of a safer structure.

What Size and Style Do You Need?

As your garage builder in Fresno we will build a garage to match the architecture of your existing house. You may want us to create a design and build it address to your specific needs. Some options to consider are:

  • Multiple Detached – A great investment if property is available. These can be constructed for as many as five or more vehicles. They offer storage space, work space, and many other secondary uses. Electricity can either be routed from the house or from the street on a separate meter. We’ll let you know which method is more cost effective. Plumbing may also be added.
  • Attached – All of the attributes of a multiple detached structures but with the convenience of location. Adding plumbing and electricity is simpler. This may be your best choice if space permits.
  • Combined Use – As your garage builder in Fresno we can create for you a structure that combines parking below and living above. This could be a couple of bedrooms or an entire apartment – which could be constructed over an attached unit or a detached one. These make ideal guest suites, in law-living or increased family space.
  • Single Detached – When limited space is an issue, the single detached garage may be a solution. A side carport may be added to it as an option. Single detached structures are constructed on a foundation, with siding, windows and a big door.

At Champ Construction, we will listen to your needs and then design and build accordingly. Our unique experience will offer concepts that you may not have considered, based on more than just parking requirements. We will ask about hobbies and interests, the number and ages of your children, and other areas which may add to your requirements. We want your new garage to continue to benefit you well into the future